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Google Assistant is Getting Ready to Compete with Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana

By on Nov 12, 2016 in Blog, News

ByThe market for personal assistants with conversational user experience is heating up. While Amazon has already launched the next generation Echo in the form of Echo Dot and Echo Tap, Google is busy turning its Assistant more intelligent and smarter than the competition.

Source: Google Assistant is Getting Ready to Compete with Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana


Starting December, developers will be able to create custom actions for Google Assistant. This will offer a similar experience of developing Alexa Skills for Echo. Google’s strategy of enabling developers to target its Assistant platform will instantly open up multiple channels to developers. They will be able to reach millions of consumers using a variety of devices with embedded Assistant technology.

Though Microsoft has a compelling personal assistant technology in the form of Cortana, the APIs are not broadly available. Developers targeting Windows platform can consume the APIs limiting the platform reach.

When it comes to winning the niche personal assistant segment, Google has a multi-pronged approach. It is lining up all its assets to ensure that its technology is superior to the competition.

Let’s a take a look at the strategy.

Google Cloud Machine Learning

Google Cloud Platform has a broad range of machine learning tools and services. From image processing to speech recognition to text analysis, machine learning is certainly the strength of Google. Developers will be able to send plain text to Cloud ML to instantly perform sentiment, entity, and syntactic analysis. Google’s support for multiple languages including some of the Asian languages such as Chinese will benefit developers targeting the global audience.